Best Car Interior Cleaning Tips

car interior tips

Everyone loves his car! Today we’re going to explore excellent car interior cleaning tips that you must know. There are various types of cars in the world that possess the variations in so many spectrums such as types of body, wheel drive, cylinder, fuel used, gear types, etc. If you really want that your car could pass year after year, then it’s mandatory to know the cleaning of every section of your car, from the steering wheel to carpet and so on. If you own a car, then it might be possible that it has taken a little part of your life. You would be used to of your car if you go for a small drive or for a long one, everywhere your car comes into the picture. But the question comes into the mind that how many times and how you clean your car?Before going into the deep-dive of car cleaning, we must take account of general car interior cleaning tips : - 

  • First of all, you should throw out the garbage, which can further lead to odors, spills, crumbs, and stains, etc.
  • Next step to do a quick dusting, you can take a microfiber cloth or a duster that will help in major cleans., and always try to prevent sticky situations.
Now let’s go through the different parts of a car which need to be cleaned regularly.

Clean Steering Wheel

We all know that car cleaning is quite different from the home cleaning, there you will have to use some sort of tools and accessories to eliminate the bacteria, dirt, and germs. Most of the time a damp microfibre cloth will be helpful. It’s the perfect item that you should keep in your cleaning kit. Meanwhile for steering wheel cleaning microfibre cloth and two cups of water with stain remover or soap or anything can be helpful. After the cleaning process of the dashboard and steering wheel, it turns to make them secure from cracks and wear. In case of different kinds of materials including leather, plastic, vinyl Or rubber you can use various types of wipes suitable for the purpose.

Center Console Cleaning

The centre console can be cleaned by the use of vacuum cleaner,  you’ll have to add a little bit of extra effort in doing all this.  We can provide you complete guide through online upholstery videos.  However, you can clean stubborn dirt with a toothbrush. Meanwhile, a damp microfibre with a cleaning solution can be a good option for you.

How to Clean Car Seats

The next big thing that you need to clean is your Car Seat, which is an integral part of car interior cleaning. Here it’s worth noting that you will have to refresh your car seats, and everything depends upon either its cloth or leather car seats. In the case of cloth car seat cleaning, you should use all-natural ways to deal with stains, mix up with a combination of water, vinegar and dish soap. Now you can spray the mixture on the stain and blot with a wet cloth, and do it properly until it removed completely.Leather car seats can be cleaned with the help of the above process, and sometimes can use leather conditioning wipes.

Car Windows

Car windows are not easy object in the entire car cleaning process, here you can clean the windows using a combination of vinegar and water, and can spray the same. You can wipe the same, using the microfibre cloth. In addition products like ammonia-free win Windex cleaner, can be the better choice for cleaning of grease, dirt, grime, and smudges on the windows and glass surfaces.

Clean the Carpet

This could be the most dirtiest area of your car, and you can clean the same by shaking out the mat. After this use of baking soda is very helpful for removing the dust. Car mat and carpet cleaning products can be useful to clean the dark stain and many more. Now you’ve gone familiar with how to clean car seats and other parts of a car. You can use various methods and approaches for the same. Meca upholstery is one of the top-notch company known for its upholstery tips, online videos and many more. We train you in all sorts of upholstery competency. Our upholstery car interior & cleaning tips are liked by our customers.

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