How To Clean Car Upholstery?

If you are an auto enthusiast then it’s very important for you to know every aspect of Car Upholstery. Specially, you need to know how you can maintain and clean your car interior. Because if you don't maintain or clean your car upholstery then everything becomes messy and it can also ruin your whole day.So by using simple tricks and tips of “How to clean car upholstery” you can easily maintain your car and avoid those musty smell. 

Test your stain

Before applying any stain remover on upholstery be make sure that it’s not making any spot because it can ruin your whole upholstery. Then apply those stain remover carefully to remove those stains. So always make sure,  before applying any stain, it’s better to check it on an inconspicuous spot.

Remove greasy and oily stains

Find all the greasy and oily spots such as lipstick or food grease and then use watered-down paint thinner formula and a cotton cloth to remove those greasy stains.Carefully remove these stains from the upholstery as it gives the good impact to anyone: either it’ll be your friend or family. 

Use Toothbrush

Always use Tooth-brush for the cleaning of seat upholstery because it would be difficult to remove those dirt or stains with clothes or vaccum cleaner. This is a most simple and easy technique to remove these small dirt.

Clean Floor Mats

Remove the floor mats from the cars and clean them step by step. Don’t be in a hurry! As I have seen many times while cleaning floor mats people are always in a hurry and they just simply ignore the cleaning process of floor mats.So always follow standard process, such as:- For rubber or vinyl mats, after you clean them, apply liquid wax shoe polish to them. This will help improve their shine and will also make them easier to rinse off and keep cleanSo these are some tips and tricks that you can follow to clean your car upholstery and drive your car like a boss.

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