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If you want to make your car outstanding and good looking then before carrying out the repair, and upholstery you must be familiar with car upholstery instructions. All these instructions will be helpful at every stage of car upholstery repair and related tasks.We are Meca Upholstery will help you for complete car makeover. In a short span of time we guided many people either they are beginners or experienced. We should keep focus on our upholstery maintenance task, which should be easier. Moreover, if you don’t follow the right path it might leave severe impact on the car’s look, performance, and budget. Basic to custom car upholstery tasks need a series of instructions are provided below. However, selection of a perfect auto upholstery tools matters. It’s important to note down that the automotive upholstery market will shoot up with a growth rate of 6.59 %, where it has touched the mark of USD 4.56 Billion in 2017. Where car upholstery is the prime choice of car owner, as they want something different which can keep them stand out from the competition.Let’s first understand what we will cover while doing the car upholstery work.

What is auto upholstery?

Auto upholstery is not limited  upto the cover seats upholstery but also repair, replacement and customize other necessary sections of a car. There are many other components needed to upholster for the car's interior. While going through the car upholstery repair, maintenance and installation we should keep in mind the components and technology. We should prepare ourselves for this.Interior Carpets  -While carrying out the interior designing of the vehicles i.e. cars then you should choose the appropriate fabric that must be extremely durable and stain resistant. Carpets play a vital role in the enhancement of a car's look.

Seats –

Car seats upholstery can make differences while doing your upholstery task. Here you’ll have to choose the best fabric including vinyl, or leather. Where an upholsterer unbolt the seats, remove and replace the seat padding. After preparing the  seats for a comfortable and cozy feel, it’s time to re-install the seat.

Headliners -

Headliner covers the ceiling of a car, and replacing sagging headliners is the best way to do so. We must choose the proper material for headliners. Headliners serve as the shock absorption, and provide insulation.

Dashboards -

It’s a control panel which is located directly in front of the driver, where it displays the controls and instrumentation. Dashboards display important readings, therefore we must do the dashboard upholstery. For this we should fix the scratched panels, or if it’s damaged then must replace the same.  We must use a perfect cleaning material and cloth. You must understand the importance of dashboard and should try to fix scratched interior panels. With the help of online tutorials or videos you can learn how to enhance the dashboard for a comfortable driving experience? 

Car Upholstery Instructions

Now let’s understand the car upholstery instructions - Before going into the deep discussion, it’s important to make a proper plan for upholstery work. Sometimes you may feel “how it’s installed or how I can do it?”. Don’t worry our upholstery online tutorials can make  it a piece of cake. You should follow a few instructions while working on the installation and repair work.  Our online tutorials can provide you comprehensive tips and guides. 


Removing the car seat is an easy task, however we must be careful while doing the same. The car seats removal can impact the car seats and interior if the installer works with carelessness. The bolts help to hold the car seats, where the number of bolts can vary according to time. Sometimes removal of car seats can damage the electrical connections, fixture, sensors, and air module. So before carrying out such a procedure you must disconnect the car battery. Therefore care is needed. You should make sure to save all screws, bolts, and other parts of the car seats.


It’s good to take care of the front seat cushion, if you are planning for car seat upholstery. Most of the vehicles are equipped with head screws, which play a vital role in holding the plastic trim pieces. Evert screw has its own length. After unbolting, it’s time to remove the trim pieces. There are normally 4 bolts which are designed to make a grip on the seat cushion. You should start with bolts removal, and further remove the seat cushion pan. There are hog rings and velcro which need different types of procedure to remove.


First remove the headrest portion. Your seat cover can be made of  different types of material and the presence of J-hooks, hog-rings or a zipper holds the cover firmly. Here it’s worth noting that you should trim the factory covers slightly. While doing the same, it’s good to align the seams along with edges of the foam.


The headrest installation is one of the easiest part while doing car upholstery work. The headrest cover is preferably placed and connected with j-Hooks or Zippers, and for installation of headrest cover you must begin with inside out.


It’s not an easy task for car upholstery. There should be many more things or must have a knowledge base to carry our door panel insert activity. While doing the same you must remove the door panel carefully.In the final step it’s quite important to put everything in the right position, where you can opt for installation of the rear seat first and thereafter front seat.  Must be careful of any kind of damage, while performing the upholstery task.

Where to learn the Car seat Upholstery?

Meca Upholstery brings excellent online tutorials for your automobile project, where we have designed the course structure in a proper format. So the beginners or professionals could easily understand the same and implement in the automobile, especially for cars and boats. Car interior design can provide a stunning look of your car.We’ve vast experience in  vehicle upholstery, and make this a DIY task. The owner of a car or learner does not require anything else to do the car upholstery work. A step by step guide can help you to achieve good success.

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