What are the Different Types of Car Upholstery ?

Interior of a car adds value of a car. It provides a stunning look to your car and also makes your drive easy and comfortable. There are various kinds of car upholstery materials including Nylon, Leather, Polyester, Vinyl and Faux materials. Choosing of any of the material completely depends upon your choice. Moreover you’ve heard of ballistic nylon, or canvas and neoprene materials, but still, they’re derived from the primary materials. Here we’ll discuss only the five upholstery material.If you use the perfect material for your car seat, then it enhances the comfort level during driving or seating inside. Very good quality of material will allow maximum durability along with easy maintenance. If you plan for cleaning of your car seat then it would be better to know -what kind of car upholstery material you have?

Let’s brief different types of car upholstery

Nylon Car 

Nylon will be the perfect choice for your car and it's considered as one of the universal seat fabric having durability and affordability.Definitely, it would be more advantageous as compared to other types of seat materials.


It’s a dime a dozen to use as a car upholstery fabric. The soft fabric can fill you with happiness while you're going for a long drive. Polyester has several advantages over others as this upholstery fabric can withstand the stress of daily use. If you go beyond the features you will find that it offers high resistant to stain, and availability in different sets of color.


Car leather upholstery is good to produce the NEXT-LEVEL of comfort. Leather seats are easy to clean, and also having the stain-resistant capability. You should be well-aware of genuine and fake leather, as sometimes you can find blended leather with synthetic materials. 

Vinyl Upholstery

Vinyl fabrics are good for various types of upholstery for car seats and boat covers. It’s made up of two separate synthetic materials which make it more sturdy and durable.


Faux leather fabric is designed to look like the original leather while offering more strength as compared to real-one. Best for your car upholstery, where you can easily clean the same. Various color options are available for this.

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