What Is Air Bag And How Do It Work? – A Brief Guide


Whenever it comes to safety, we’ll have to think twice or more than it. If a person is driving a car, and suddenly met an accident which might be quite terrible and dangerous than what you would do.  A person, the driver can get a severe injury, or something else then Airbag can be pretty helpful to save the life of that person. Today we’re going to discuss the Air Bag! Yes exactly the same, in the context of car accidents they can play a vital role in saving human life. Basically it’s a bag which is made of nylon  and contain and filled with nitrogen and argon gases that can make airbag inflate in case of emergency. Both gases are harmless, having no side effects. After the invention of Air Bag, popular brands are putting airbags while manufacturing cars. And before launch into the market, these are tested up to a certain degree which makes them highly secure and safe. These airbags, generally open up at over 300 km/hr faster than a car crash!  Let’s go through a detailed discussion of Air safety and safe airbags' concept which can do magic for you. If we talk about the working of Airbag, we find that it will blow the plastic cover off the steering and will inflate in front of the driver.Air Bag has a great advantage, if you are driving a car or met an accident then this will reduce the chance of damage to your upper body or head which may strike to interiors of the car during an accident. It’s worth noting that Airbags are designed in conjunction with Seat belts, not as an alternative to it. Everything works on the laws of motion where a body gain momentum if moving with a velocity, and has enough kinetic energy.  We know that cars designed to cope with such kinds of energy but chances of damage still exist therefore the importance of Air Bags, we can’t ignore. In a car system, there are a different number of airbags are installed in the car which is activated through a sensor mechanism. Where car seat with airbags offers you more safety.

Now it’s important to know that how do airbags work, let’s brief the same

Whenever a car met with an accident or hit hard then automatically the speed of the car will drop, and accelerometer will detect the change of speed and simultaneously will activate the heating and chemical explosive mechanism of the airbag system. Airbags will be inflated after the accident with a faster speed, to restrict the forward of sideways movement of the body and its parts. It will prevent any damage to the body and its parts.  Airbag steering wheel or airbags attached with the steering wheel are quite important for drivers and persons sitting beside them. Whenever the heating element ignites it would explode a chemical explosion and which further produces the nitrogen or argon gas that will flow into the nylon bag fitted behind the steering wheel. As we have already discussed that the entire system works on the sensor mechanism.

Airbag Safety Concern

Since the beginning and inception of airbags, it was found that these are helpful but cannot be the replacement of seat belts. As airbag works only in front and some sideswipe, but seat belts provide complete coverage. Researchers are doing a great job to make it more effective in an intense collision. Now the advancement of technology has changed the scenario completely where it is working with lap/shoulder seat belt. 

Airbag - Car Crash Testing

As we have read about the significance of Airbag safety and explore more about the functioning of airbags in a brief. The popular car manufacturing companies do the complete safety test before launching cars into the market. And where car crash testing is important, where tester tests the airbag compatibility and working of the sensing system of the car in case of failure or accidents. All types of airbags including side airbags, front airbags, knee airbags, and inflatable seat belts are tested. A vehicle crash test engineer plans and analyses safety tests for car crash test and coordinate with the members of the manufacturing team to develop and design what could be implemented to enhance the capability of the cars.All car crash tests conducted by the use of dummies where this involves the following components such as accelerometers, load sensors, and motion sensors.  The crash test dummy is equipped with an accelerator across all over it, and inside the dummy’s head accelerometer measure the entire change in the speed including left, right, up, down, and front.  A graph is analysed where the speed and change in the speed of body parts note down to check the impact and severity over the different parts.Now we are familiar with the importance of airbags in the car, therefore we all should take care of airbags. 

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