What Is Upholstery- A Brief Intro

When it comes to the car, not only the exterior but the interior also matters. Most people spend thousands of bucks on the car’s interior or upholstery work. It’s quite important to know more about car upholstery. It’s extremely useful to ensure your interior looks and style and keep it safe from stains, dust, and other things. Iconic color and design can beautify and instantly transform your car. 

What is car upholstery?

Many of us are not aware about the upholstery, they merely relate it to car seat cover. But that’s not correct, this includes many components of car’s interior including seats, headliners, convertible tops, vinyl roof covers, dashboards, door panels, carpets, etc.  Auto upholstery plays a vital role in all aspects including style up, restore comfort and seat protection.

Car seats:-

Very important section while you drive your car or want to feel comfortable and cozy. There're different set of materials depending upon your requirements, including fabric, vinyl or leather, jacquard, velour, etc.


Car headliner upholstery could be costly if you’re not aware of the materials, labor cost or quality. The headliner comes into different kinds of materials including heavier fabrics with non woven or foam backing. The varieties may contain Flat Knit Foam Backed Cloth, 3D pattern, 12 colors napped cloth, synthetic cloth etc. We provide you end-to-end training on headliner fixing and re-upholstery.


Falls just ahead of your eyes and have important driving features. Decorate the car dashboard for soothing car interiors. We guide you for different kinds of Car Interior Decoration Accessories, including the dashboards.

Door panels:-

Decorative doors and panels by world-class quality offer soothing finish and outstanding looks. Many types of materials are used to manufacture the door panels, where cardboard is made up of vinyl, cloth, carpet  or other material.

What do we do?

We provide you complete upholstery training so that you could be able to reupholster your car or make your own career. Step by step guide through video tutorial allows you to transform your car look into a stunning one.

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