Frequently Asked Questions

It generally takes approximately 1 hr – 2 hrs to fit for vans or trucks, 1.5-2 hrs for Car, and 3-4 hrs for minibus 9 seats. The time entirely depends upon several factors.

Yes, nowadays the custom seat covers are compatible with side impact airbags.

Actually everything depends upon the types of vehicle, material and size. The configuration matters to get the exact price.

No, it’s not necessary to replace the entire fabric. You can remove the cover and can replace the same with similar fabric.

It’s quite difficult to differentiate between leather and vinyl just by looking.
The manufacturers make the vinyl as like leather. However, vinyl will have a regular pattern while leather will appear to be suede.

Scissors, Swing machine, cutting table, measuring devices, staple gun, fork, glue gun etc.

Yes, you can do the same by the help of online tutorial, or manuals. Wherever you go through the process of removal of old upholstery then you will have to repair or replace the springs. Different types of seats require different types of methods of installation, hog rings, or integral clips.