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Upholstery has always been a very interesting profession that many today would like to learn. Today, technology has enhanced and changed upholstery to the extent that every small business has been affected and has had to adapt to these changes and enhancements.

Since 2013, MECA Upholstery Tips has taught upholstery through numerous videos and courses from which many of you can learn. The manner in which these videos and courses are taught are easy for anyone to understand.

If you wish to learn about upholstery through a simple training or would like to enter this profession and start your own business, MECA Upholstery Tips will continue to teach you through YouTube.

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To be able to do basic upholstery, it is not necessary to have thorough knowledge about how to upholster furniture, boat, car and so on. Many nowadays put their business with basic knowledge about what is upholstery over time they are gaining experience and deepening more. Which is normal.


MECA Upholstery Tips offers you the opportunity to learn basic or advanced upholstery for free through videos or online classes. In videos, I show you even the smallest detail on How to disassemble, cut, sew and assemble everything Without leaving any doubt.


Paid upholstery courses are all those that show the process of upholstery in more detail. Paid upholstery courses may not be seen for free. At the moment they are not available but in due time I will let you know through my social networks.

Why Choose Us ?

Our learning program allow you to learn at your own speed and at your own convenience.The videos are easy to understand all you will need a mobile device or a computer and internet to access MECA Upholstery Tips videos. Many of our videos last about two to three hours.Our videos could cut it short to about half an hour but then our audience will be missing out on very valid information. Especially for those who enjoy this profession of upholstery, they would be missing out on essential information.
Complete Projects

The majority of completed projects are time consuming and for the most part the client choosesthe design based on an idea or a photograph.

Reparaciones fáciles y garantizadas.

There are occasions where it is not necessary to completely redo a furniture piece or an entireautomobile seat all it needs is a simple repair to resolve the problem.

Cost Service

At the moment, all courses and advice that MECA Upholstery Tips offers on its web page isfree.

Our Experts


Alexi Cruz

Over 20 years doing Upholstery as a profession, an expert
in this trade.

Mario Cruz

Over 30 years doing Upholstery as a profession. This is a trade that you can never stop learning about, there is always something new to learn…

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