How to choose Best Upholstery Fabrics Material

If you want your sofa and chairs to last make sure that you read this post before you buy your upholstery fabric. Here I'll show you choose the right upholstery fabric for your room like a pro. First, you check the construction of your upholstery. Is it sturdy enough? Is the frame hardwood? How about the foam?

Here is the tricky part as it comes to choose upholstery fabric.

You would think that it is okay to rely only on the reputation of the store for your fabric, right? Wrong! When it comes to fabric for your skating, upholstery fabric, most furniture stores have a grading system. It scales from a less durable fabric to the most durable, unique or trendy fabric

Here are the steps you should take when choosing your upholstery fabric -

Fabric Durability - For something that will experience everyday wear and tear, durability is important.

  • Durability is determined by how it rates on the manufacturer-administrator "double-rub" test,
  • Upholstery Double -Rub Test: A back and forth motion that mimics the wear and tear of someone sitting on a seat over time.
  • The higher the number of double rubs the better indicator of quality and durability.

In addition to double rub, also look for upholstery fabric for performance like stain, water, or UV resistance. This opens up a wider variety including silk, wool, cotton duck, and embellished fabrics.

Choose medium or heavy use fabric - If your upholstery fabric is between 8000 to 10000 double rubs, it is designed for light use and will not sustain every wear and tear.

A blend of fibers, such as rayon, polyester, and cotton adds the durability to the fabric.

Consider color as it pertains to the sofa's function - Choose color for your upholstery fabric strategically.If you want your furniture to stay for a long time, use solid colors or patterns with a small repeat that almost looks solid.

Fabric Softness - Fabric sofas are always more comfortable than a leather one. They are softer and comfortable to use. This is one of the important advantages of fabric upholstery.

Pattern - Many people stay away from bold and unique patterns for the upholstery fabric and prefer to use pillows as accessories.

However, current trends include bold patterns with most decorating styles as they include ethnic, geometric, and nomad patterns.

Texture - Just remember that your upholstery will be consistency compressed and do not use overly dimensional textures as it will be altered with time.

Try to get a sample of the fabric you want to use, then stretch it, compress it and see if it changes its structure.

Some of the most common and popular upholstery fabrics are - Chenille, Jacquard, velvet, Duck/Canvas, Faux Suede, Faux leather, Basket weave. These fabrics come in a variety of weights, colors, and treatments.

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