Presser Foot for Double Stitch

How do you do double piping on Upholstery?

Can I sew double piping with a regular sewing machine?

How do you do a double stitch?

How do you attach piping to upholstery?

Double Welting provides a coordinating or contrasting edge along the edges of primarily chairs and sofas or upholstery furniture. It is attached with either hot glue or a special gimp stapler. You can use single welting to make double welting but it is easier to use a special double welting cord.

For creating a double welting on upholstery, Here's I’m showing you, step by step, how to make a double welting cord, sewing machine for double stitch, and then how to attach the double welting to the upholstery. The process for creating double welt cord is similar but you use double welt cord and a wider piece of bias strip that I made the welting that finishes off the edges so nicely

Step to make double welting on Upholstery –

  • Cut your fabric into half-inch on the bias (diagonal).
  • Overlap two pieces end over end.
  • A position like so and sew right sides together. (Cutting on the diagonal or bias prevents having a bump in the welting where the two pieces meet.
  • Continue to connect and sew your strips until you have one long piece.
  • Place the cording like so. If the end of your welting will be seen, this will help create a finished edge.
  • Fold the fabric snuggly over the cording and sew along the edge. Notice I didn’t mention to run and get your zipper foot. I can’t find mine, so I just used my regular old sewing foot. (If you have one and can find it, feel free to use it.)
  • Next, add your second piece of cording…
  • Fold the fabric over that piece.
  • Then flip the fabric over, fold the top edge down, and see down the center
  • Trim the excess fabric on the back.
  • To attach double welting in upholstery, USE Hot Glue. Using Hot Glue, a couple of things you should have in mind when attaching double welt -

    1. Be sure the double welt less flat.
    2. Never let the hot glue show.

    Can I sew double piping with a regular sewing machine? Or Piping foot for double stitch

    Not all industrial sewing machine parts can be acquired so easily. Double-needle sewing machines in particular need to have a readily available supply of replacement parts to keep it in optimal working conditions. Fortunately, we are here to help you with this video that the highest quality parts for double needle sewing machines are required for your double welting. Here the needle I made for double stitching is durable and that is designed to last.

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