Which One Is The Best Vinyl – Marine Vinyl Vs Standard Vinyl


Vinyl fabric are widely used for seat covers, decor, bags and for most of the upholstery projects. A durable PVC coating makes it more reliable and lasting nature. It’s considered as the good for most of the upholstery work, as it provides the great look and finishes as of leather. It has replaced the leather fabric to a great extent. But here we’re going to discuss two types of upholstery fabrics the marine and standard vinyl.In a general way, both are the same, but some sort of additive features of marine vinyl fabric differentiate it from the standard vinyl.

Marine Vinyl

If you wish fabric for your boat upholstery project, then marine-grade fabric will be the better option for you where you’ll get the UV protection to prevent the colour from fading along with antibacterial and antifungal properties. Marine vinyl is waterproof, durable, long-lasting and quite easy to clean. In the context of UV protection, a good quality marine vinyl can stand for a longer time, and can be used for both outdoor projects in different conditions, or season including summer/spring. It’s featured with a polished and smooth look.Marine vinyl colour resistance property makes it perfect for making of boat seating and cushions. Upholsterer can purchase the same at most effective pricing, in different types of colours, textures for different purposes.We know that boat operated under very severe conditions of high moisture environment, here it will be a better choice to opt marine vinyl as it has moisture-resistant property. It has the potential to stop the fungus and bacteria growth in your boat or on your watercraft. It’s quite easy to clean the marine fabric.

Standard Vinyl

Now it’s turned for standard vinyl which comes into two different categories including non-backed, non-expanded and expanded versions. And every version has its own merit, non-backed is used for less wear prone areas whereas non-expanded is a light use vinyl used for lighter weight material. Here it’s worth noted that expanded vinyl is mostly used for upholstery projects.Standard vinyl is one of the most regularly used vinyl, and it plays a pivotal role in Upholstery. In most cases, standard vinyl colour is easily faded as compared to marine vinyl.One of the best things in standard vinyl is - It has a mild leather texture that makes it different from other vinyl.So these are some fundamental differences between the marine vinyl vs standard vinyl. Are you curious to know more about upholstery - Join our online courses and learn all the basic details related to upholstery. Also With Meca upholstery you get to know all the information related to Auto upholstery and make it a profitable business for you.

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