What glues do you use?

What glues do you use?

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Victor Strickland asked 3 years ago

Been watching your great videos for some time.  I have a question about the glue you use for temporarily holding vinyl while patterning or other temporary holding applications.  I noticed you spray it from a pressure pot.  Is that the same as the contact glue as landau top adhesive? 
I used to use a cheap spray can type of glue for temporarily holding things in place and a more expensive spray can glue for permanent applications.  I recently started using Weldwood Landau top and trim glue from a siphon feed gun and really like the convenience and lower cost… as well as less mess.  Is that the same glue (or equilivent) you use to temprarily hold your vinyl for patterning or is that a different glue?

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admin answered 2 years ago

that Glue that i use is LANDAU TOP AND TRIM GLUE

Tapicero replied 2 years ago

DAP Products Weldwood Landau Top & Trim HHR Solvent Type Spray Grade Contact Adhesive. Natural (070798-002333)