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car cleaning cost

Cost always matters ! And can play a vital role to fulfil your aspirations. Here we’ll explain in detail about car interior cleaning costs as asked by a professional.If you’re planning for car interior cleaning services then the cost estimation will be based entirely on the types of car cleaning service you’re going to avail along with the products, and car cleaning tools and supplies used for this. Globally, there is a difference in  car wash price list, rates, and costs across different parts of the world. We’re one of the best upholstery and car interior cleaning training providers, by the use of online videos. Our auto detailing training videos will help you a lot to learn better. Since our inception we have been involved in the auto  and boat upholstery profession and taught thousands of learners.Now let’s understand  Car Interior Cleaning Services  which comprises three types of services.

  • Water Wash Cleaning Services :-

    In this type of car cleaning services, the service providers uses the shampoo, pressurised water wash of interior and exterior part of the car, dashboard dusting and polishing,  wheel cleaning, tyre dressing, interior cleaning and rim shining.
  • Eco Car Wash:-

    It’s also the most popular way to clean the car where 1 litre of water is used for cleaning of tire and rim. Approximately 40 minutes of time is required to finish the entire cleaning process. The Eco Car Wash includes the following things - interior vacuuming, dashboard dressing, tire dressing, rim shine, and Eco exterior wash. This is based on the concept of saving time, money and environment.
  • Interior Detailing :-

    This type of car interior cleaning service requires complete detailing where it includes the  cleaning of interior dashboard, fabric and leather seats cleaning, complete vacuuming of interior, cleaning of mats, side doors and hinges, pressurise shampoo cleaning of exterior. Moreover tyre arches cleaning and engine washing. Where every piece of work has its own costing which is borne by you. The cost of the interior detailing of the SUV or Van can be $50 to $125.
Meca Upholstery professional experts will tell you each and every aspect of car interior cleaning starting from beginning to finish. If you wish to learn more about car interior cleaning you may use online video tutorials, and websites.Here it’s worth noting that cleaning the car’s interior is not an easy task, and needs too much effort. Where you will have to begin with eliminating the extra unnecessary material and garbage. Later move on to the dashboard area, steering wheel, and console of the car to wipe down.Overall pricing of the products and professional services are included while calculating the price. In order to get the best or what you need to wash your car as done by the professionals. There are several outstanding products for car cleaning the list is given below:
  • Ultimate liquid wax
  • Water magnet microfiber drying towel
  • Car wash soap and shampoo
  • Premium glass cleaner
  • Best wheel and tire cleaner
  • Wheel and tire cleaner
  • Dustbuster
  • Wheel Brush
  • Shine Spray

Car Interior Cleaning Products - A Brief Introduction

In the car cleaning market thousands of products are here to meet. We'll discuss a few products which we should know, if we’re planning to go with the car interior cleaning process.

Ultimate Liquid Wax

It’s one of the finest car cleaning products which is known for its effortless application and easy to use. You just have to apply this wax and wipe it off, and good in summer. The hydrophobic polymer technology is quite effective to sustain the paint by increasing the surface tension. It’s safe and quite effective and can be used by hand with dual action polisher. The price may vary from $10- $20.

Water magnet microfiber drying towel

It’s impossible to make a cluster of car interior cleaning essentials without a microfiber drying towel. This is one of the best picks which allows it to dry up effectively. Drying is an important part of the cleaning process where it ensures  water spots don’t stay in the car. It’s an effective absorbent, as compared to the towel which we use generally for cleaning the household items. It can absorb the water two times more than these towers, means less effort and time is required to accomplish cleaning. Its price is $11.85. 

Glass Cleaner

Windows are an integral part of your car which make your car look better but also allows drivers & others to look outside. Therefore, for safe driving it’s mandatory that glass should be cleaned thoroughly. A glass cleaner can help you to achieve better outcomes. The price of glass cleaners vary according to the quality and country. Moreover, for tinted windows it’s also pretty much helpful. The price varies depending on the company, quality and other factors. Generally, it’s available at $4.10.

Wheel Cleaner

Wheel cleaners also come in different pricing tags, and having various types of quality. But here we would like to say that without the wheel cleaner there we cannot consider the entire car cleaning process. We must opt for a wheel cleaner which is safe on all types of wheel finishing such as alloy, aluminium, anodised, painted and polished etc. Its cost is $9.

Car Soap And Shampoo

There are sandbar of car wash shampoos and soap out there in the market. Therefore we must take care to choose the best one. The finest quality of shampoo is quite good to prevent the scratches while washing. This helps in removing the grime, debris and dirt. 


To accomplish the entire car process we need brushes. These brushes are quite important to washing your car.  Packed with soft and gentle bristles the brush is quite helpful for car seat cleaning, removing the inner dust of the car's dashboard, and well and good for wheel’s cleaning. It helps in reaching the tight spots and deep clean car seatsDifferent types of brushes are available with various price ranges. 

How MecaUpholsteryTips Can Help You

A team of expert professionals in Car upholstery and interior cleaning services can help you to understand what to do or don’t ? We provide you comprehensive knowledge of car interior cleaning, and car upholstery by the help of online videos which are made by the top notch upholsterers. Either you’re a beginner or expert , our free and paid online upholstery tutorials will help you a lot.  MecaUpholsteryTips is the leading one providing you with a great range of upholstery services.

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