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Car cleaning tips in upholstery training are always helpful to carry out the car interior cleaning seamlessly. In this article we will explore 7 tips to clean fabric car seats using home products i.e. club soda, baking soda solution, vinegar, non gel toothpaste etc.So many advantages are associated with using household products,  as it can provide flexibility and allows you to clean car interiors in a fixed budget.Car cleaning is an inescapable part, you can't deny this. You'll have to perform this task efficiently.  We must keep our car interior clean as the car's exterior as this provides peace of mind and experience the better drive. And for this you need to say thanks to different techniques and cleaning products.Car cleaning is an inescapable part, you can't deny this. You'll have to perform this task efficiently. 

Different Types of Car Seat Upholstery / Fabric

There are various types of car seat fabric available in the market, including Nylon, polyester, vinyl, faux leather and leather upholstery. Where each and every upholstery material consists of its own property, merits and demerits To clean car interior is not an easy task, it needs extra effort and budget. While cleaning car seats we must take care of this. It’s all about the people's choice to select the appropriate upholstery according to budget, comfort and needs. Now let us learn how to car seat upholstery and cleaning of seats by the use of household products.Let’s understand a few important car cleaning tips to clean fabric car seats using home products.

Tips for cleaning the Car Seat Upholstery

  • Identify the Spot of Stains
First thing that we must do is to locate the stains, types of stains and intensity. Further, we must prepare the solution accordingly. 
  • Types of Upholstery / Fabric
It’s mandatory to understand the nature and type of the car seat upholstery. Because different types of solutions have different impacts on  upholstery. For example leather & cloth seat covers need quite a lot of care and precautions. We should apply separate solutions for them. 

Cleaning of Cloth Seat fabric

  • DIY - Do it yourself
You just need to use household products such as club soda, baking soda solution, vinegar mixture or laundry detergent. Let’s have a quick look
  • Use club soda : - In order to clean the stained area,  you just have to spray the solution on the stained zone. And after this you must scrub the same by using the brush. Further wipe out by using the appropriate cloth most probably a clean towel.
  • Baking soda solution:- It’s another most effective solution where you can take a mixture of  ¼ cup of baking soda and warm water. Apply a layer of the solution on the stain. After this you can use a toothbrush to remove the stain. Depending on the intensity of stain you can leave it for 30 minutes or more.
  • Vinegar Mixture:- A perfect mixture of vinegar, dish soap and hot water (Approx. a gallon) can be a robust remedy to remove tough stains. 
  • Laundry Detergent:- You just need an ordinary detergent, not a specific upholstery cleaning detergent. Follow the simple cleaning instructions / process as you do.

Cleaning of Leather Seat Fabric

If your car seat has leather upholstery then it needs extra care and precautions before carrying out the car cleaning process. As this is of premium quality. You can try following DIY techniques to clean the same. Car seat cleaning is an integral part when we clean car interiors.
  • Nail Polish Remover : - It’s quite effective to clean your car, as this can remove the stain very easily. You need to dip the cotton ball into the alcohol and apply the same on the stain, after that just  use the simple mix of the dish soap and warm water to remove the alcohol from the seat.
  • Non-gel toothpaste :- It's a very simple way to clean off the stain, where just dab a little bit of toothpaste and apply the same on the stain. After this just scrub away the stain by the use of a brush.
 It’s interesting to note that lemon juice and cream of tartar is effective to clean the stains. And you can also use the vinegar mixture to remove the stain from the leather seats.
  • Select Right  Stain Remover
It would be better to find out the appropriate stain remover, so as to save the upholstery, effort and price. As various stains remover can work differently on different fabric, and can ruin the entire upholstery. So it’s advisable to select the good one.
  • Remove ink Stain
Here it’s worth noting that to remove the ink stains you must use the hairspray and spray the same on the stain. After this use a clean cloth while ensuring that it should not be overspread anywhere.
  • Remove greasy and tough oily stains
Tough stains of grease, oils, lipsticks or anything else are hard to remove, and for this you need special treatment. Here you can use paint thinner formula can be made by adding into a cup of water. Now dip the clean cotton cloth into the solution and apply on the stain. But before applying the thinner solution, you must test the concentration of the solution to avoid bad impact on the cloth.
  • Use Good Cleaning cloth
Car upholstery cleaning needs careful thought and precautions, therefore we must opt for good accessories to ensure better cleaning. Here microfiber or cotton cleaning cloth can be good choices for cleaning the same. It’s affordable and cuts the cost of cleaning.
  • Challenging Coffee Stains
Home products could be removed by the help of a glass cleaner and wait for 5 minutes until it sit properly. Here it’s mandatory to note that if coffee stain is still visible, then scrub the affected area by the use of dish washing liquid. After this you must rinse with warm water. You can also use the paper towel.

How MecaUpholstery Car Cleaning Tips Can Help You 

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